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Select the plan that best suits you. Our live virtual receptionist service plans are based on the number of phone calls you receive each month. We will work with you to make sure that you choose the plan that is right for you and your business.


Customize Your Services

Live Virtual Receptionist Services

Provide us with a greeting verbiage and any company information you want us to share with your callers like hours of operation, directions to your office, etc. Our receptionists will answer your calls according to your instructions.

Also, let us know where you need us to transfer your calls: another extension, cell phone or voicemail. We have a brief checklist form that can conveniently assist you in providing us with all your needed information.


Get Started!

Forward your main company telephone number to us and we will immediately start to take your incoming calls. We will follow your instructions consistently and meticulously providing a professional, friendly and consistent service to all your business callers.

Think of us as an extension of your company providing outstanding services to every call that comes in.

Grow your Business NOW. Low Monthly Plans. No Long Term Contracts.

How it Works

Our staff will help you to make your onboarding as simple as possible. Here is a summary:

  • Pick Your Plan – Select a plan that best suits your needs.
  • Custom Greetings – Let us know how you want us to answer your calls.
  • Transfers – Provide us with your team’s extension, outside number or cell phone number so we transfer incoming calls to you accordingly.
  • Business Hours – Let us know how you would like to route your calls during and after your business hours.
  • Forward Your Number – Forward your existing phone number to us.
  • Routing Calls – As soon as you forward your main number, all your incoming calls will be coming to our waiting receptionists.
  • Recognizing Your Calls – We assign you an internal phone number that our system recognizes and brings up your account details to our receptionists.
  • Transferring Calls – We will answer, greet and transfer your calls according to your instructions.

Custom Hold Music

You can select from one of the following musical options from our music library. For a small hosting fee, you are welcome to provide your own hold music or provide us with a personalized message or commercial.

Easy Rock
Easy Listening

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